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Happy 5th birthday to our Super Hero. The biggest nob head on earth, the nob head who has been house trained since 6 months old but goes in the garden to sniff the wind then comes back in for a shit. The nob head who you take in to people's houses and he pisses up their bin or wall. The nob head who eats his way through my house, crayons, tea bags, toys, food and anything else that isn't nailed down... even then he will have a go at it. The nob head who waits until I'm hungov ... er then rubs his arsehole across my face to wake me up. But through all these things he is also the most special dog I've ever met. He is happy when I'm happy, and sad when I'm sad. He has been there through relationship breakups and just sat quiet with me. He was there through the sleepless nights with mollie and at times was my sanity when I felt like I was going to crack up. He's always there and I am truly thankful he is. Without him my life wouldn't be what it is. He's the best boy and a top big brother. Dorris Wedding formal party garments for teen girls

So happy birthday to my first born. Here's to the next 5 years. Love you Poopah xxxxx

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