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Does anyone know if Chalet Road in New Hanover Twp., Pa. is a private, township or county road? They got speed humps today which is a joke. A hump not a frigg'in bump! We get stinking nothing on our road where everyone hauls ass. I almost got hit again today backing into my hidden driveway as the police recommended & then I was given the finger. Perfect! Someone is going to get killed on this road. I've call everyone. All resources have been used & drained. Oh wait that's right! No one cares! Just tons of lip service. No action! I am past frustrated & am just sad that no one cares. This problem can only be corrected if everyone in this area puts up signs & as a group show up at a township meeting. Oh wait! That ain't gonna happen! I guess someone has to get hurt or killed before something is done. Oh wait! That ain't gonna happen either! Slow down on Dotterer Road pretty please. Please Share ... Oh wait! It doesn't matter! No one cares! So sad. Drive the speed limit please! Drive like your kid lives on this road. Please. Peace out! Dorris Wedding on sale wedding wear options in pink color :( :( :( xox