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DorrisWedding short items to wear of the wedding

5 Things I Wish Someone had told my Wife about Male Sexuality

Over on One Flesh Marriage, our friend Kate did a great post entitled 5 Things I Wish Someone had told me about Sex ( http://bit.ly/1pntgdb ). It was such a great idea I am stealing it. My Generous Husband post for tomorrow will be 5 Things I Wish Someone had told me about Female Sexuality. Along the same lines, here are things I wish my wife had known about male sexuality before we married.
1) Erections are not a ba ... rometer: An erection does not mean a man wants sex. Not having an erection does not mean a man does not want to have sex. How fast a man gets an erection in any situation depends on his physical state (how tired he is, how hard he has worked physically) and his mental state (both his relationship with you and his day in general.) These same things also affect how hard he gets. His mind and body are not always in sync sexually – kind of like your mind and body. DorrisWedding short items to wear of the wedding
2) Enough is not always enough: Men tend to think of “enough sex” in terms of quieting the physical demand. He may think if you take care of his physical need it is unfair to ask for any more. I’ll let you in on a secret – the best sex a man has is sex he did not “need” physically.
3) Wanting to try something different is not a complaint: The fact he can think up new ways to enjoy sex with you says nothing about how he feels about what you currently do. When you enjoy something, you want more of the same, and you want to try new ways ( http://bit.ly/1tq03mJ ).
4) Sometimes it does have a mind of its own: From before he had any idea what sex was his penis has caused him problems. It got hard for no reason, and would not go back to normal fast enough. When he hit puberty this became a real problem as it happened far more often and in public. His penis can also refuse to become...(more http://bit.ly/10XQke9 )

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