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This is a great story. Over a week ago I get a message from a Marine I've never had contact with named Charlie November . He tells me he's coming to Myrtle Beach SC that weekend and would like to finally meet me. I was honored and told him "of course!" Well he never showed up and I just wrote it off like something must had come up to change his plans. 8 days later today, I'm working out in the gym and this young man, mid 30's is benching next to me. I see a few tats on his arms but one stands out from the rest a big Eagle, Globe and Anchor. I stop what I'm doing and walk over to him and he stands up to greet me. I grab him and embrace him saying Semper Fi brother. He's kinda stunned but quickly realizes I'm a Marine brother. We start shooting the shit and he tells me that he served in the Corps 01-05 0311 Afghanistan. Then he went into the Air Force reserves and has served with them the past 10yrs as a C130 Load Master. Then he tells me he's from my neck of the woods Upstate NY, Albany area and worked as a police officer for 4yrs until he got tired of the cold weather and recently moved outside Savannah GA working for the Georgia Prison System as a Correctional Officer. I was amazed at the similarities we had and said, "we need to connect on Facebook." He agreed and started telling me his contact information then he stopped, smiled and asked, "I think we're already Facebook friends aren't you Richard Caruso?" I was shocked and checked, he was right we'd been friends. He said, "don't you remember I sent you that message over a week ago, I know I didn't make it then but I wanted to meet you." Man I was stunned how this was all unfolding with me noticing his tattoo and approaching him to embrace him with love and brotherhood not knowing who he was. He said, "Rich, I've been following you on Facebook for over 3yrs and love and admire how you love on people especially veterans." He told me he was just living life but not finding a purpose and would watch how I used Facebook. What I was doing motivated him to get out there and give back. He said that he recently moved to Savannah GA and reached out to the Historical Department on Parris Island SC. He said," once a month we dress up in vintage Marine Corps uniforms and when the Recruits are walking their final HUMP during the Crucible we one by one along the way in darkness we pop a flare walk out stopping the recruits and start telling the recruits about the specific Marine era we're dressed as and history of the Marine Corps in that Era. Then we join them on the HUMP and continue with them until the end up at main side where they have earned the title United States Marine receiving their Eagle, Globe and Anchor. He said your posts and love you show people motivated me to start this and it's so rewarding. I was standing there with so much pride about to tear up that I made a difference in his life and now he will pay it forward and make a difference. I was honored to take this Marine/Airman SSGT Chris Nations AKA Charlie November to lunch and spend time with him today. Stay positive people and set the example because someone is watching and it just might motivate them to give back or make a difference in this world, Semper Fi. DorrisWedding vintage Victoria style garments for prom