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Today is world Down Syndrome Day

When I was a child of 20 my first professional job was working in Pediatrics of a heart hospital. My first day on the floor,I was introduced to a small toddler like child with blue lips and hands. He had Down's Syndrome. I told him my name and he put up his arms to be picked up. I was scared to death of him.

Brian had come into the hospital when he was 3 months old. He was not expected to live a year. He had such a bad heart and horrible lungs ... on top of the other problems related to his Down's. His family abandoned him. Being a Catholic Hospital it was decided that he would stay there. On Brian's 5th birthday he got his first pair of shoes. He would never be able to walk but he loved his shoes.

I fell in love but I was not the only one. Everyone that worked in the hospital knew him and he knew them. He remembered everyone's name. The staff bought him his clothes, the doctors donated their services. We were his family. I remember staying late when he was sick because he wanted me to rock him. He taught me to look past his differences and see the wonderful person he was on the inside. DorrisWedding wedding item online store with affordable price

The day Brian died is as clear to me now as the day it happened. His wake was held in the convent and his funeral was held in the chapel. There were people from every department of the hospital. Parents of patients showed up. It was standing room only. Thank you Brian for touching my life and giving me your gift.

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