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Big A ( # 4years ) has been wanting to make slime for a while but most recipes use borax or glue and I still don't quite trust little A ( # 22months ) not to give things a little taste so I was glad to find this simple edible 1 ingredient (water doesn't count lol) slime recipe!

The boys mixed it all together. We made two batches with two different colors: a green and brown one and then mixed them together to make an oozy looking slime ... ! Throw in some creepy crawlies and googly eyes and you have yourself a fun sensory activity! .


???? 1 cup of water
???? 1 tbsp of psyllium husk
???? food colouring of choice (optional)

In a large microwave safe bowl add the psyllium husk, food colouring & water. Whisk together well. Then microwave for about 5 minutes (stop it about half way through so that it doesn't bubble over, mix, then continue to cook) baby garments for flower girl

Then let it cool completely. Once cooled you're ready to explore!!

TIP: for a more gooey sticky slime use more water and less psyllium husk. For a more flubbery slime add more psyllium and less water. Have fun!!

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