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Sharing this with you all because it has taken me doing my own research to find this Information and the cause of what I thought was painful swollen lymph nodes. The discomfort at my submandibular jawline is not at all lymph nodes but referred pain from knots and spasms at trigger points! It blows my mind that no doctor has pointed out that the pain was simply pressure point issues. Thank Goodness I like to research and that I found this. I hope someone else can use this information too. I'm on my path to wellness through knowledge. Dietary changes and naturopathic techniques are the answer for fibromyalgia and other myofascial pain. Pills just cover it up. Yes, meds have their place in treatment but not for long term heavy use. I know no one really would disagree on this I'm simply making an emphatic claim. casual and country style wears for a wedding Kristen Leigh Giesler Kristi Lynn Emmons Scotty Sadie Wingo Terri Johnson Connie Amburn Bradford Kellie Jordan I found this on Bing images for head, neck, and face pressure points. My jawline pain is from a trigger point on the trapezius muscle and sternocleidomastoid muscle.