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July 23
Yes, doTERRRA's essential oils can be used on your beloved pets too! I wish I had oils when I had 4 dogs, 2 cats and a bird, that would have made my life so much easier! But instead I was at the vet and paying large bills to take care of all of their issues and products needed! My favorite and most common use is lavender on the hyper dogs when I go to someone's home to teach a class! Within minutes they curl up and lay down to take a nap! It is like magic! I was also country rustic dresses for bridesmaids ... able to clear up an ear infection on my mother-in-laws dog a couple weeks ago! Another vet billed saved!
Please tell us how you are using oils on pets, whether you own pets or someone else's! We need 50 people to comment to unlock the prize of TerraShield Outdoor blend, which is an essential, essential oil blend to have if you have pets that pesky bugs want to infest! Those bugs will stay off of your furry friend if you pet them with TerraShield on your hands! Comment, share and tag other below so they can share with us too!

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