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Wedding ? planning - Girls' night, bachelor party
Girls' night out ?? - scenarios for the event!


There are different hen parties! This is, first of all. Of course, now nobody cries, does not cry about the bitter fate of the bride, preparing to become a wife, as it was accepted in the olden days, does not cut off the scythe to the waist as a sign of global life changes. But traditions are traditions, it is, secondly. Bridesmaids, her relatives and acquaintances at hen parties were given gifts that the matchmaker brought from the groom, huge trunks of gifts. We know more about modern bachelor parties than about hen parties.
On the eve of the wedding, all the groom's friends gather and smoke, as they say, is a koromyslom. Farewell. Best friend. In the American manner with a huge cake, from which a stripper pops out - a little freedom before the upcoming responsibility.

What about us? Worse? Long live the hen party! For the sake of justice, let's note - anyway, but life changes in a girl when she gets married. At first, of course, it is invisible. And friends remained the same, and friends, and no one took away the freedom ... But still, if before you reported to your parents, where you went and when you return, now you have to divide everything into two, your time belongs to your chosen one. In the meantime... Let's see you off! The rule is once: no men! Rule two: no relatives or acquaintances from the groom's side (what else was missing, everyone will say!) empire high waist wedding outfits

So, how can we do it today? Scripts - the masses!

It is possible to have a good rest, having collected friends on a summer residence. And that, air - as much dizzy as dizzy, at any time of year the nature on your side. Evening with dressing up, songs, photo shoot, video shoot, lawn in the garden - a beautiful entourage for the whole movie under the original title "Girls' night in the garden".

You can gather everyone in your home: fashionable "Martini", or arrange a beer party (salty nuts, crayfish), music, talk about that, about that. About men in general, about yours in particular, and about plans for the future. A couple of pranks for your favorite girlfriends, and then as a fantasy will tell you. Of course, gifts to all, inexpensive, but memorable.

Café, where you are constantly meeting with friends, is also suitable for this idea. The form of clothing - any favorite, depends on the cafe, mood, girlfriends.

In summer you can gather everyone on the beach. In autumn, order a ship and - on the Dnieper! In winter, as, however, in any other time of year this evening can and should be spent in a nightclub.

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