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A nosebleed happens when tiny blood vessels inside the nostrils are ruptured. Common causes of nosebleeds include a blow to the nose, sneezing, picking or blowing the nose, and high blood pressure.
What to do
If your child has a nosebleed, ask them to sit down with their head tilted forward to allow the blood to drain from the nostrils


Ask them to breathe through their mouth and to pinch the soft part of the nose for up to ten minutes

Encourage them not to speak, swallow, cough, spit or sniff because this may disturb blood clots that have formed in the nose

Give them a clean cloth or tissue to mop up any blood.

After ten minutes, ask the injured person to release the pressure on their nose. If the bleeding hasn’t stopped, they can reapply the pressure for another ten minutes. Once the bleeding has stopped, clean around the nose with water. Advise them to sit quietly for a few hours to prevent it bleeding again. high low style items to wear for the wedding occasion

If the nosebleed is severe, or lasts longer than 30 minutes, arrange for the person to be taken to hospital.

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