ブライダルエステ合わないね> 交際クラブ

maternity wears for wedding at affordable price

Open reading two

A youngish male 20/30s
Brown hair blue eyes medium build


He committed suicide I believe he hung himself my throat feels tight

I feel he left 2 children and a misses but I feel they may have separated divorced and there were issues in him swing his kids ( this did not cause him to do what he did but attributed to it maternity wears for wedding at affordable price

I keep hearing I felt I wasn't good enough I tried so hard to change but nothing I did was enough

He talks about his regret in doing what he did but felt it was the only way out of his situation :(

He's talking about may April Aug sep
He's saying Jack/Jackson Luke savanah deb and Amanda

The numbers 21 15 20

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