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It has been a while since I have done a Team Angel update:
Angel had still be fighting these chronic UTI's
She is now 3 months post spinal fusion and for the most part she is doing great. She still gets muscle spasms from time to time but overall she healed well. mint green color items dressed by bridesmaid on sale
At the end of this month she has tons of appointments and we will start making plans for her Urology surgery.
After that hopefully the chronic infections will go away and she can spend less time in the hospital ...
We recently moved in with my Dad as finances are almost non existent and we are happy to spend time with him while we figure out our next move.
This summer will be busy for Angel. She will have to do all the pre surgery testing to make sure they do the best possible fix for Angels needs.
She is almost done with 6th grade and is looking forward to having the summer off.
Thank you all for always keeping Angel in your thoughts
We love you all
# teamangel

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