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I went to my most treasured airline today. After pleasantries and being served I engaged in a conversation...

Someone then asks me "Why did you not come for the funeral?"

Did you know your friend died?


At this point my mind is racing.. Which friend .. I almost whispered expecting to hear any names especially those I did not meet today.

When I heard who it is I did not believe. How? Who? When?

I asked the three questions all at once trying to figure out if it is her or perhaps a new person to me though a friend.

We never wish to hear such kind of reports.

I did not want to believe it was you Janet. I recall meeting you years back and every help you rendered even as you raised ranks with your utmost passion & dedication. It was such a shock those who told me wished they had not.

I told them to show me a picture maybe just maybe it was the wrong Janet.

They still have a picture of her framed on her desk. Ohh death where is your sting?

Had I know earlier I would have come. I must have missed the memo in my schedule but I grieve today.

This is another death. Pregnant, gives birth, managed to go home with child, complications after then death....

What is going on? What can be done? Why are young mothers falling to the ground like seed on a farmers hand? Is it CS or the doctors doing it are not qualified enough? If it is normal delivery then why the bleeding or are the mums not being stitched properly?

I am pained. I am grieved and now I take a stand to pray for any pregnant woman today or soon to be.

You are covered by the blood of Jesus. You are able to see your children's children. Every hold on pregnant women to be separated from their children we cancel it now. We plead the blood of Jesus. Every procedure will be and must under the watchful eye of heaven. mother of the brides or groom wears suitable for fall

Janet rest with the angels on the feet of Jesus. May your baby become as adorable, warm & friendly as you were to many of us.

Death ohh death where is your sting? # Painful # Shirleythoughts

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