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What is Alexandria’s Genesis?

Alexandria’s Genesis also known as violet eyes is a genetic mutation that causes the eyes to have either blue, purple, gray or violet color six months after birth. However, during puberty the eye color deepens to violet-blue or royal-blue. The difference in color does not affect a person’s ability to see. The people with this genetic mutation do not grow body, facial, anal or pubic hair. They only grow eyelashes, eyebrows, nose and head hair. Wom ... en with this condition are believed not to menstruate but are fertile.

Other sources indicate that the condition can result in a number of symptoms that include white skin that is immune to tanning and burning and shimmering. Women with this condition tend to have blue or black hair. The condition stops aging at around 50 years meaning that, people with it can live over 100 years. They do not gain weight no matter how they eat and have good body figure. They are immune to most diseases ; therefore, they rarely fall sick. Alexandria’s Genesis is believed to affect Caucasians, but it can affect interracial children especially if they receive it from numerous genes. plain and simple style wedding collections

Origin of Alexandria’s Genesis

This mutation is believed to have originated in Egypt over 1000 years ago. A baffling light flashed in the sky and everyone that went outside after that developed purple eyes and pale skin. The people were referred to as spirit people who went north and disappeared. Nonetheless, the first case to be recorded was in England in the year 1329 when a new born named Alexandria was born with purple eyes. The girl later gave birth to girls who had the same condition and lived over 100 years. Additionally, the generic variant that causes this disorder was discovered during the 60s.

Is it real?

Claims, that Alexandria’s Genesis has existed, have been around for so long such that, it is possible that the mutation is real. There are genetic mutations that lead to short lifespans where children grow very quickly. Therefore, it is possible to have a genetic mutation that causes the opposite to happen. Moreover, there are a few races that tend to have highly functioning immune systems. Thus, a mutation that limits how often people fall ill is possible. Additionally, it is normal to think that a person with high metabolism does not gain weight no matter how much they eat.


Genetic variations that can cause people to have different eye colors, lighter skin, and exceptional health may exist. Therefore, we can conclude that Alexandria’s Genesis is a genetic mutation that offers exceptional beauty and health to its recipients.

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