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sage styled garments for lady accompany with the bride

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Sarah's Story

Now I am confident enough to put these pics on here, I am going to share my story ???? ???? ???? ???? ????
I started having jp because 3 people in 1 day asked if I was pregnant which made me abit annoyed but now looking back on my first pic I can see why they asked that question ???? ???? ...
At the beginning of my jp journey I was diabetic type 2 with high blood sugars that were getting higher, had high cholesterol, suffered from joint pains and sciatica which meant I could do hardly any exercise without being in pain which also meant the weight started piling on. Now my blood sugars have lowered and stabalised, my cholesterol has gone down and i have had no pains at all since starting jp. I have gone from 14 stone 3lb down to 12 stone 5lb which I think is amazing seeing as I have had a few baby cheats here and there and haven't really stuck to it like I should have sage styled garments for lady accompany with the bride ???? I can now exercise without pain and have loads more energy, which is a good thing with having a hyper 5 year old to keep busy lol ???? ???? ????
If you want to feel healthier and maybe lose a pound or 2 then I strongly recommend juice plus ???? ???? ????

If you would like any information about our products/plans then please feel free to inbox me ???? ???? ???? ???? ????

All welcome to share ????

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