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toddler wears for flower girl

So we started the day with number six Maggie while Kristyna Meier and Eme Lou went to go see Despicable Me 3 when they got home Krissi and I went to my mom's with the girls and we emptied out some tables we looked at beautiful photographs from when I was a baby even shared some wonderful beautiful memories brought home some tablecloths that were my mom's grandmother's some grapes that my grandmother crocheted out of bottle caps when we got home from there we picked up Gwen and Tobin went swimming in the pool all six of them Maggie still has only taken a 15-minute nap all day around 4 they had to get out because of thunder at 6 we were all ready to roll up in that heat at Jackson homecomers when we got to homecomers we could hear someone singing The Star-Spangled Banner and Eme Lou took off running screaming that's my papa Steve and sure enough there was Steve singing the most beautiful song of all they did rides they played games of course Tobin had to win the illustrious fish that every child wins at homecomers and the cat eats that night while they're sleeping and then the next morning when you wake up and the fish is gone you have to explain to them what happened Eme and kasyn got into a race on the way back to the car and Eme's knees are just like her mother's were all skinned up and a bloody mess the size of golf balls on each knee I see ice packs in the nights future now it is past midnight I'm sitting on the back deck remembering the Beautiful Day the fight we had with Kasyn when we got home because he was starving he's so stubborn so much like his dad and now when I go back up into my room we've got Eme sleeping in a lazy boy chair a big pallet at the end of the bed for Rick Isaiah has a pallet by the bed and Tobin and Gwen and Kasyn are sleeping in the bed there's finally quietness in the house I'll share all our pictures next thanks for caring and reading about these Darlings it has been One Crazy Summer and I'm going to hate to see it end. toddler wears for flower girl