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wedding wears at $99

Most people who know me can tell ya I try to squeeze $10. Out of $5.00, it's because I've had to living on a SS disability isn't enough to survive. I do what I can selling mowers to have a little extra. Usually ill fix everything I can myself , help for me just isn't there even after being there for others when they need it. I have some work I'm just not able to do now. I know how it will end up it'll be my buddy I grew up with ill do lots of the cutting and figuring but poor Larry he gets the grunt part. I've got some old asbestos siding that's come off from I guess water from a leaking roof rusted the nails I hope the wood siding isn't rotted and needs cutting out.
Have you ever tried to hire a repairman to do small jobs . I tried several times for small jobs half day to do I buy all the needed items ahead of time . How much would expect to pay for a days labor . Please tell me cause I must be crazy , no one will work for less then a thousand dollars a day. I mean really who do they think they are . I sure as hell ain't paying someone that for 8hours .

Now for another gripe. My wheelchair needed work the company came looked at it ordered parts said they'd be out between 8-4 calls at 10 am says he,'ll be here 1.30 well 3:00 he shows up says I need to take my chair to the shop . I told him I needed it by Monday well it's Tuesday I called they said ill have it Thursday . . While talking to the flunky I said look I want the old parts back including the batteries , the guy on the phone says we don't save the old parts so I told him I told flunky ahead of time I needed them back he says ok.
I plan on using the old arm pieces to cut them down to use so they don't keep rubbing my door frame . The rests are four inches wide I can mill them down at least two inches to get thru doorways without ripping things apart. Batteries ill put in a chair giving to me to sell and get a little money by selling it .
I know one thing ill never buy another wheelchair from National Seating and Mobility in Pennsylvania. I told them I didn't want six wheels what did they get six wheels it grabs and jerks started falling apart the first day I got it. So much for permobile made in Germany. They're junk slow no power gets stuck in two blades of grass and a twig. I've had to be pushed out many times just in my yard. Three sets of tires in 816 miles at three hundred each time. If I can ever afford another I'm going for a bounder fastest wheelchair around for now. My old wrangler scooters went 10 mph or better and could go for days without charging . . They never got stuck even in 8" of snow and ice. The wheelchair won't go up my ramp if it's wet. YUPP I'm po at the company if they don't bring my parts back ill really be pissed. wedding wears at $99