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wedding wears for mature women over 40/50

It's been 5 months today since I destroyed my knee and ankle. I have had a lot of people ask in the last month or so what I actually did to my knee since the scars are super noticeable.... Well for those that want to know: I dislocated my knee cap, which split my knee cap- the smaller part was removed. I, obviously, broke apart a ton of cartilage in my knee. Injuries to the patellar tendon, 1-2 meniscus, and tore my MCL which had to be replaced completely. In my ankle, I brok ... e both my fibula and tibula, which were upper ankle, I got an upper ankle sprain (recovery time 8months- year!), and my syndesmosis ligament no longer exists, so I have a wire holding my upper ankle together.... So yeah, if you made it through that without cringing, I applaud you! Overall, I have noticed a big change in the last week or two in how everything in my leg is feeling and I'm starting to get most of my strength back. I'm at 0 degree (straight) on my leg, so now I'm working to gain my hyperextension back in my knee so that it will match my right knee! So that's my month 5 update, hoping to really be doing a ton better by month 6!! wedding wears for mature women over 40/50

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