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Hi,am pregnant and i keep getting this yellow discharge,is it normal?
Vaginal discharge is very common and normal. As your pregnancy continues, you will see an increase in the amount of discharge exiting your vagina.And as your due date draws closer, you may lose your mucous plug which signifies labor is near. yellow selections for cocktail
It’s important to know that there are different types of discharge a woman will experience. It should have a certain color, texture and smell,if not consult you ... r doctor.
When it’s okay:
1.Milky color
3.Odorless or mild smell.
When it’s not okay:
1.Lots of thin, clear discharge (could be amniotic fluid)
Before 37 weeks, if it becomes watery, mucous –like or bloody
2.If there’s a change in the type of discharge than you’ve been experiencing
3.Pinkish or brownish in color
4.If infection may be present (yeast infection)
5.White discharge accompanied by itching or burning
Foul smelling
6.Yellowish, greenish or gray in color

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